Can Your Marriage do this?!

from our 50by52 episode in Ohio:

When we ran away in an RV a couple years back, we met the most dynamic family in Ohio, named the Riebens.  They had adopted 14 children, and had triplets of their own. One of their sons, Josh, was born without femurs in both legs, and without his left fibula.  As we met Josh for the first time, he came literally flying off the trampoline, and bounded towards us in a sort of Tarzan-style foot to hand glide.  Simply amazing to watch!

Since his legs and arms are roughly the same length, he uses them both quite equally, giving him incredible upper body strength.  His siblings were amused with his abilities, and love to brag that he’s able to...get this:  do push ups...,while in a handstand..., while cruising on a skateboard!  His agility and exuberance were truly awe-inspiring.  As his mom, Valerie, told us, labeling Josh as disabled just doesn’t seem accurate.  A boy who can move like that, in reality is largely more able than the average human.

Do you think of your mixed-faith marriage as disabled?  Do you think of it as less than, broken, or impaired compared to others?  Is it possible, like Josh Rieben, that those labels are all wrong?  What if having a mixed-faith marriage is actually a total bonus?  What if the diversity, open-mindedness, and acceptance that are often acquired to make this type of marriage work, also have the potential to make it rich, strong, and powerful?  Like a marriage that can do push-ups...while in a handstand...while cruising on a skateboard!

PS:  If you're interested, we attached some video of our day with the Riebens.

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