3 tips: Avoid an Emotional Thanksgiving Hangover

Hey, Mixed Faith Couples...here are our 3 tips for how to avoid an emotional Thanksgiving hangover.

Double check your fuel for conversations-

We are all for approaching difficult conversations with friends and family, but fueling them with the right emotions will make all the difference.  Any conversation that is fueled with the intent to change someone’s mind, prove them wrong, or make them see the light is going to end poorly.  If your conversations are fueled with love and an intent to understand, you might still find Thanksgiving to be an appropriate time to bring up a difficult topic with a loved one, but it will more likely end peaceably.

Shut your pie hole

Try veering from the norm of story-telling this year, and be what my sister calls a story-listener.  This isn’t a coaching session, so save your story for next week when you book a free consult call with us, and have a ball listening to others.  Did Aunt Sue get a new hip? Is cousin Nico allegedly dating a model? Oh...and Uncle Joe-Joe, he’s a fun one... not regular in so many ways.  

Decide it’s no one’s job but your’s to make holidays what you want them to be

Recognize that no one else is in charge of making Thanksgiving what you want it to be- that’s your job.   My coach Molly encouraged me to imagine a note to my post-holiday self, congratulating me on thinking, feeling, and showing up how I wanted to.  Of course negative emotions, like annoyance, disappointment, and frustration will arise, but you truly will show up empowered if you remember whose job it is to make it whatever you want it to be.   (Do you sometimes think other people’s behavior makes or breaks your life? we can help you with that! click here for a free consult:)